Little Daisy's is a family business with a heart and a vision to do more than just make money and create a safe place for children. We believe in community and family and it saddens us that the sense of community has often been lost from our streets and neighbourhoods.

Our desire is to create an environment where you and your little ones feel safe, loved and free to have lots of fun. We are working hard to make Little Daisy's a place where you can relax, as well as a place where you can make friends and build relationships.

Bringing up little ones is hard work and in our experience of bring up four children we know the value of help and support in all its forms. Because of this, Little Daisy's is not just a play and party venue, but it is a place where you can be supported in bringing up your little ones with practical advice and help should you want it. Our staff are willing to sit and talk with you to support and encourage you in the hardest but most rewarding job of all!


Adam & Faye Carver